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About us

OSMOSIA Water Technology

Leader of Jar / Bottle Pure Drinking Water Technology

Our Targets are Quality, Service and Innovation for the Customers in Long Times.

  Introduction of the Company:

OSMOSIA Water Technology is the market leader in the water treatment field of Bangladesh. Principally Osmosia was established in 2002. Osmosia did not take much time to start its operations. Bangladesh is a developing country. Per capita income here is very low. Very few people have access to water technology. In this situation Osmosia started their operation here. Osmosia’s aim was to develop this country with filtration process & water related high tech equipment for make better healthy society, Its aims also to provide the best possible technical quality and customer service in the whole country at the most favorable prices with availability, to as many customers possible in Bangladesh.

Osmosia has a dynamic management composed of business people with a profile drive, prepared to take calculative risk. The Osmosia machineries are designed with latest computer assisted design technology. Osmosia has reached its break‐even point in the year 2004. Osmosia has been operating in the water purifier market for a long time. Osmosia’s targets are quality, service and innovation for the customers in a long times.

                       History of OSMOSIA Water Technology:

 Osmosia Water Technology, a specialized and professional house, deals with Water Treatment System & Equipment, Health Care Equipment, Arsenic extra iron, salt, manganese, silica, hardness, virus, bacteria removal system. The Water Treatment division of OSMOSIA is working as a manufacturer, assembler, exporter and wholesaler of Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purify systems, Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, Domestic Reverse osmosis (RO) Water purifier, Demineralization ( DM ) Water Plant, Deionized / Demineralized Water Plant, Iron Removal Plant, Mineral Water Bottling Plant, 20 liter jar drinking water plant, Central water treatment plant, Desalination plant, Hatchery Water Treatment Plant, Swimming pool sand filter & swimming pool accessories, Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Plant, Water softener plant, Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Filter Media / Water Filter Materials, Activated Carbon, Granular Activated Carbon, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Hardwood Activated Carbon, Powdered Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resin, Manganese Greensand, Manganese Zeolite, Effluent Treatment Plant / ETP Plant, Boiler Water Treatment Plant, UV (Ultra-violet) water purifier systems & Ozone generator for domestic, Water Filter Cartridge, Domestic Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, Industrial 4040 & 8040 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, FRP Tank, FRP Vessels, Stainless Steel (SS) Water Storage Tank Manufacturer, Mintech Stainless Steel (SS) Water Storage Tank Manufacturer, Polypropylene (PP) Water Filter Cartridge, Cotton Water Filter Cartridge, String Wound Filter Cartridges, Mintech Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, Jar Mineral Water Project Plant Manufacturer & Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Beverage Filter Cartridges, Industrial and commercial establishments.

Since 2002, Osmosia Water Technology Produce some Water Treatment Filtration items and also import some Branded products from USA, Europe, Thailand, China and many other countries of the world. All water purifier products are made in accordance with the international standard and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration Products with components are sold to Domestic Market & International Market.

Osmosia’s Health Care Unit is dealing with medical equipments, especially Dialysis Machine, Dialysis unit water treatment, Dialyzer and dialysis related other components.

As Arsenic is now a vital threat to the people of Bangladesh, West Bengal and many other countries, so, the Arsenic Treatment Division has been working successfully for last few years on Arsenic Removal Plant & Technology.

From the very beginning, Osmosia placed emphasis on providing good after‐sales services. In recent years, the focus has been to provide after‐sales within a short distance from where the customers live. The country is covering all districts of Bangladesh

Osmosia has generated direct and indirect employment for a large number of people over the years. The company presently has more than 1500 full‐time, part‐time and contractual employees.

Osmosia considers its employees to be one of its most important assets. Osmosia has an extensive employee benefit scheme in place including Gratuity, Provident Fund, Group Insurance, Family Health Insurance, Transportation Facility, Day Care Centre, Children’s Education Support, higher Education Support for employees, In‐House Medical Support and other initiatives.

                                         Company Vision:

We are here to help. The key to achieve this vision is a mindset where every one of us works together.

  • Making it easy to buy and use our services.
  • Delivering on our promises.
  • Being respectful of differences.
  • Inspiring people to find new ways.
  • Get this right and Osmosia will be a driving force in modern technology and customer satisfaction.
  • To be a pioneer in Water Tech in Bangladesh and contribute significantly to the growth of the national economy.
  • To improve Company-Customer relationship through improving customer service.
  • To develop new and innovate product/service through integration of technology and policy and principle.

To be the premier organization operating locally & international Osmosia provides the complete range of water treatment services to all segments less than one roof.

Make it Easy
We’re practical. We don’t over complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. No waste. No jargon. Because we never forget we’re trying to make customers’ lives easier.

Keep Promises
Everything we set out to do should work, or if you don’t get it, we’re here to help. We’re about delivery, not over promising – actions not words.

Be Inspiring
We are creative. We strive to bring energy into the things we do. Everything we produce should look good, modern and fresh. We are passionate about our business and customers.

Be Respectful
We acknowledge and respect local cultures. We do not impose one formula worldwide. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate. We believe loyalty has to be earned.

The People
The people of Osmosia are young, dedicated and energetic. All employees are well educated at home or abroad, with an even distribution of males and females and social groups in Bangladesh. They know in their hearts that Osmosia is more than company. This sense of purpose gives them the dedication and the drive, producing the biggest coverage in the country. Osmosia provides equal employment opportunities and recognizes the talents and energy of its employees.

The Service
Osmosia believes in service that leads to good business development. Osmosia helps people work together, raising their productivity. This gain in productivity is development, which in turn enables them to afford a technology, generating good business. Thus development and business go together.

Corporate Governance
In the fast-paced world of water treatment, vibrant and dynamic Corporate Governance practices are an essential ingredient to success. Osmosia believes in the continued improvement of Corporate Governance. This in turn has led the company to commit considerable resources and implement internationally accepted Corporate Standards in its day-to-day operations.

The Management Team of Osmosia is committed to maintaining effective Corporate Governance through a culture of Accountability, Transparency, Well‐Understood Policies and Procedures. The Management Team also perseveres to maintain compliance of all laws of Bangladesh and all internally documented regulations, policies and procedures. Osmosia is a truly transparent company that operates at the highest levels of integrity and accountability on a global standard.

The Technology
Osmosia’s Global System for Water technology is the most widely accepted system in the world, currently used by people in whole country. It brings the most advanced developments in water technology at a reasonable cost by spurring severe competition among manufacturers and driving down the cost of equipment. Thus, consumers get the best for the least. Osmosia is now the leading water treatment service provider in the country.

Over the years, Osmosia has always been a pioneer in introducing new products and services in the local market. Osmosia was the first company to introduce water technology in Bangladesh when it launched its services in 2002. The technological know‐how and managerial expertise of Osmosia has been instrumental in setting up such an international standard water treatment operation in Bangladesh

There are huge ranges of products that help consumer of Osmosia as residential, commercial industrial, & hospital purpose. From Many years Osmosia are trying to serve their consumer latest high tech machineries. Though Osmosia’s main focus is satisfying the customer by giving excellent service after sell.

List of products:

          The names of products are given below:

20 Liter Jar Water Production Machine Supplier in Bangladesh, Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Equipment, Mobile Water Desalination Plant Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Brackish Water, Surface Water, Seawater Treatment Plant, Seawater Desalination Plant, Desalination Water Plant,  All Types of Water Filter Cartridges, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, Stainless Steel (SS) Filter Housing  Manufacturer Supplier in Bangladesh, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Housing, FRP Tank, Automatic Jar Water Filling Machine, Iron Removal Plant Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Industrial Water Treatment Plant Supplier Company in Bangladesh, FRP Pressure Vessel, Multiport Valve, Distributors, UV or Ultraviolet and Ozone Generator, Industrial Pump, Fire Pump, Dosing Pump, Oil Pump, Sewage Wastewater, Effluent Treatment Plant, Laboratory Water Purification Systems, Mobile Water Desalination Plant Supplier Company Coastal Area of Bangladesh, Mineral Water Production Plant Supplier Company in Bangladesh,  Battery Water Purification Systems, EDI- Electro deionization Water Treatment, Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Washing, Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machine, RO Machine Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Laboratory Water Plant Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Small Bottle Water Filling Line, Packaging Machine (Powder, Granule, Liquid), DM Water Plant Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Commercial RO Systems Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Industrial RO Systems Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Household RO System Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier Company in Bangladesh, RO Systems Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine, Juice Filling Machine, Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Blow Molding Machine, Household Reverse Osmosis System, Swimming Pool and SPA with Water Treatment, Water Filtration Media, Demineralization (DM) Water Plant, Demineralized (DI) Water Plant, Water Softener Plant, 5 Gallon Jar Water Project Plant, Mineral Water Bottling Plant

Main Responsibilities

  • Develop, maintain and implement company strategies, policies and procedures for the functional area.
  • Monitor and control company‐wide Account & Supply Chain Management activities;
  • Provide support and consulting within scope, to all other divisions in the company, in order to ensure coordination, business alignment and adaptation of best‐practices;
  • Develop and maintain descriptions of departments reporting to the CAO, Defining their responsibilities and how work is organized between these departments;
  • Ensure awareness of, and ability to comply with, legal requirements applicable for the functional area and its governance documents, including SOA‐required internal controls and Codes of Conduct.

Main Objective
The main objective of marketing department of Osmosia is to promote the brand name of the company and increase brand awareness among the customers.

Main Responsibilities
The Department is responsible for:

  • “New non-core” product portfolio.
  • Acts as a portfolio area for strategically important revenue earners (CIC, Health line, cell bazaar etc.) P&L;
  • To support the core business for strengthening retention and social efforts in core Telco
  • To generate ROI through creation of new asset base and revenue source.
  • Development and management of non-core products roadmap.
  • Strategic analysis, development of strategic alternatives, and evaluation & control of feedback
  • Division-wide roadmap for strategic deliverables
  • Monitor and manage segment activities in terms of alignment
  • Program Office for Marketing Division

                                                   Main Objective

The main objective of Sales department of Osmosia is to deliver excellent compliant Sales Channel management practice (Logistic, Distribution and Retail) to ensure the Best Customer Experience for Osmosia customers at maximum number of POS to support the ‘2 out of 3’ objective.



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